Dear Friends in Christ,

With November comes Thanksgiving, and I’m beginning the month thinking of things I’m thankful for. One of the things that comes to my mind is our Sunday School. Sunday School -teaching God’s Word – is one of the most vital ministries that we do. I’m grateful to everyone who shares in this ministry.

I was going through my files and found an old article about Sunday School Teachers. I know I’ve shared this in the past, but let me share it with you again.


They are one of the nicest things in a child’s life. They come with paints, crayons, and play dough. They tell stories and make puppets. They call every student by name. they know 1,001 uses for egg cartons and can turn an empty bleach bottle into a harp.

Sunday School teachers let God’s love flow through them to their students. They are very special creatures. Who else can maintain order in a class of curious children and still manage to convey God’s love and acceptance? Who else gets home from a class reunion at 2:00 a.m. and still gets to Sunday School on Sunday morning?

Nobey else has so much endurance. Nobody else is so willing to be flexible. Nobody else has quite so much patience. Nobody else has so much to give or is so essential to the life and growth of our congregation. Pastors depend on them, education committees are thankful for them, parents trust them, and children love them.

Sometimes the idea bank runs dry, patience wears thin and energy flags, but just when next Sunday looks impossible to face, a child appears with a hug and thank you. “I love you Teacher. You make me want to come to church.”

I know of no more important ministry that we do than that of teaching. It is our responsibility and our privilege to share the name of Jesus Christ with all people. Thank you to all who share in making our Sunday School a success.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Mark

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